Types of Oklahoma Workers Compensation Claims

Image of broken armThere are basically two types of Oklahoma workers compensation claims: a single event injury claim; and a cumulative trauma injury claim. Understanding the fundamentals of both types can make a huge difference in a successful case.

Single Event Injury

A single event injury is the type of injury that most people think about. A worker falls off his ladder and breaks his arm. That would be considered a single event injury.  A single event happens from one trauma to the body.

Cumulative Trauma Injury

A cumulative trauma injury is one that parties typically do not understand. Even employers still do not understand the cumulative trauma injury. These kind of injuries occur over a period of time from repetitive type of work or overuse syndrome. There is no set time for there to be a cumulative trauma injury. The injury simply has to be linked to the work in order for it to be compensable.  Common cumulative trauma injuries involve factory work, mechanics, repetitive labor and other jobs. A lot of times the worker has become the “machine” for the company and has virtually worn out a part of his body.

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