Social Security

social-security-cards-squareObtaining Social Security Disability benefits is sometimes compared to working your way through the Internal Revenue Service tax code.  It is not something to try and work your way through without someone on your side with experience.  It is shown that the vast majority of Social Security applicants are initially denied benefits.  Although Social Security advises that you have the right to appeal, a lot of people think that there is no hope and give up. But there is hope. The same statistics show that the vast majority of people who appeal the denials with an attorney, and appear before a judge, are more likely to win than not.

Benefits are available to people who have worked and paid in to the Social Security tax.  Benefits are also available to people who have never worked a day in their life.  Finally, benefits are even available to children if they meet certain criteria.  The judge will ultimately look at your medical impairments and determine how they impact your ability to function in daily living to decide whether you qualify for benefits.

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